Global Entrepreneurship Leadership Symposium (GELS)

Global Entrepreneurship Leadership Symposium (GELS)

One of the impediments to accelerating entrepreneurship is the lack of mentorship skills among otherwise motivated and technically qualified faculty, business executives and entrepreneurs. Further, it has been identified that local efforts are constrained by a lack of understanding of the process of new venture creation and entrepreneurship, by those who set policy and public priorities. To address these challenges and opportunities the Global Entrepreneurship Leadership Symposium (GELs) was launched in 2009.

The Global Entrepreneurship Leadership Symposium provides concepts, processes and tools to enable qualified individuals to effective mentor emerging entrepreneurs and start ups. Further, the program provides a unique hands on experience of observing and practicing mentorship and facilitated leadership. The program is based on the strong principals and practices of Entrepreneurship and Innovation followed by leading organizations and universities across the globe. The program presents these practices in the context of an intellectual framework suitable for government officials, program managers and public policy leaders, to enhance their ability to create a constructive environment, conducive to entrepreneurial accomplishment.

Pre-Requisite:Participants to fulfill either of the 2 criteria’s:

  1. Participants should be working on a country’s Innovation or other Policy initiatives 
  2. Participants should have experience in mentoring to real start ups or should have mentored at least 3-5 students teams in business plan competitions

Program Length:5 days

Program Schedule:Bi-Annually at UC Berkeley campus

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