Theory to Practice Seminars & Curriculum

Theory to Practice Seminars & Curriculum

The entrepreneurship Theory to Practice Seminar provides participants with an intense two‐day immersion in entrepreneurship, the creation and care of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and the manner in which one can teach and support entrepreneurs at academic institutions across a region. The initiative is jump starting academically‐based entrepreneurship programs focused on technology and the creation of linkages between regionally aligned efforts. The Seminar focuses on effective teaching of entrepreneurship and the creation of programs and organizations to support entrepreneurship. Professors from the Lester Centre teach the Seminar and bring a wide variety of practical techniques and theoretical frameworks to their teaching and content.

The model for entrepreneurship in the Silicon Valley and Berkeley is one of the most practiced and accomplished economic models in the world. The seminars present this model as an example, a way of thinking about creating and growing new ventures, that can inform and set context for systems suited to the local setting. Seminars are held in‐site to build local knowledge, networks and commitment to foster entrepreneurship among the institutions involved and achieve economic growth.

The Seminar, supported by Intel, has been held at over 30 locations around the world and works best for 20‐30 individuals. It is designed for faculty, innovation professionals, incubation directors and others involved in teaching and supporting entrepreneurial activities through teaching, venture creation and incubation, technology licensing and community outreach programs. Past attendees have included professors and researchers from engineering, business, economics and the sciences; deans and administrators from departments and schools interested in building entrepreneurship programs; entrepreneurs and investors from the community; staff and others from the institution that have roles important to the support of entrepreneurship. The Seminar includes the creation of a social network for the Seminar attendees, and possibly more extensive regional groups, to connect and share practices and leverage activities. Organizations represented have included world‐class research teaching and research institutions, business schools, government agencies and business development organizations.

Pre-Requisite:Participants should be actively involved in entrepreneurship education in universities

Program Length:2 days

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